The Orienteering Race

The Orienteering Race is practiced on foot, skis, mountain bike, day or half-day, or in the form of raids. It calls on the physical and intellectual qualities of each individual, whether practiced in leisure or in competition. It is a leisure activity where the pleasure of walking in the heart of nature is added to the pleasure of choosing your way to find the markers

The equipment necessary for the practice of the Orienteering Race is reduced: a good pair of sneakers, a map of the course, and a compass.
Materialized on the map by a circle at the center of which is located the characteristic element of the ground chosen by the tracer (a rock, a particular tree,…). On the map, the beacons are connected to each other by a continuous line defining the route to be taken in a predefined order.

The Orienteering Race is a complete practice, which allows you to have a physical activity that you exercise at your own pace while working on logic and perception in space. The Orienteering Race is practiced both individually and in groups, the latter being an option for developing team spirit. It is therefore an activity that is well suited to schoolchildren, students and works councils.