Make an orienteering race map : base map

base map

Are you a sports teacher and would like to introduce your students to orienteering? Here are some tips for creating a map easily. In this article, we will give you tips and tricks to develop the base map (on which you will take the readings). Together, we will develop a simple orienteering race map. Creating …

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Make an orienteering race map : readings

Make an orienteering race map

You will now have to go to the field for the next step, to check the paths, represent the vegetation and draw the elements. When you leave for your field surveys, you should: – Check the paths and differentiate them. On an orienteering race map, there are several types of paths (roads, animal tracks, paths, …

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How to organize an orienteering race?

how to organize an orienteering race

1st step: the choice of location You have in mind a great place, full of small roads more tortuous than each other, so in this case let’s go, get started! 2nd step: spotting on site So there are several points to take into account: the place of the meeting and aperitif after the race (large …

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The Orienteering Race

orienteering race

The Orienteering Race is practiced on foot, skis, mountain bike, day or half-day, or in the form of raids. It calls on the physical and intellectual qualities of each individual, whether practiced in leisure or in competition. It is a leisure activity where the pleasure of walking in the heart of nature is added to …

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